Yonezawa Beef "Yamagata"

First the Saka-No Yakiniku Shop of Yonezawa

Centrally located yakiniki (beef shop) in downtown Yonezawa in Yamagata offers premium beef at affordable prices. Saka-no, the only place in Japan where you not only can enjoy prime cuts, but delicious jizake, and a comfortable atmosphere as well.

My seventh time in this city, and after trying dozens of other name brand shops from all over Japan, I’ve found Saka-no arguably the best in terms of price and convenience, thanks in part to rurubu, a Japanese travel guide, and by word of mouth. This restaurant is also a local favorite. I love local favorites, don’t you ? Now, with a limited budget of maybe, 2000 -3000 yen, you can enjoy eating this meat right here in the mother lode of beef itself; Yonezawa, city. This restaurant is very easy to find. The address is 6-115 Kaneike 5 Chome Yonezawa, City, open daily during business hours. The phone number is 0238-26-4829. There’s no English service available. Only very rudimentary knowledge of Japanese is required and a bit of kanji and you should have no problems ordering.

I highly recommend trying the Yonezawa Beef sushi which is about 1000 yen per plate. Other beef vary in prices from reasonable to expensive depending on the cut and the quality of the meat you are ordering. Service is very timely and the restaurant is very clean. Free parking is available.

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