Onsen & Typhoons

The best time to visit a luxury onsen spa is in the heavy rain ☔️ or when a typhoon is moving just off the coast.

You get the cold winds that bring with it big droplets 💧 of rain and gusty winds. Depending on the construction of the spa, A-frame metal-reinforced roofs withstand the strong winds while at the same time allowing torrential showers to pour in from the balustrade.

Imagine coming out of a really hot dry sauna and walking out into the cold wind and rain shower. Windy and divine. You are a storm captain.

After being cooled down by a typhoon, hop into that hot spa. The mineral richness in the water begins to soothe and relax your whole entire body.

Most modern spas will have a big flat-screen TV in the outdoor tub area. This is really nice as one can relax while enjoying the news.

It’s a small slice of heaven and it’s not crowded. The sound of the typhoon reminds you of just how powerful and dangerous it is outside, but is also a cultural feature of Japan. The Japanese are always calm in the face of danger and uncertainty, like North Korean missiles fly overhead every year, the locals carry on without fear nor care.

After a hot soak in the spas, I head downstairs to the dining area for a one-liter-sized draft beer! This is not your typical 350ml or even 500ml size. I think it is much bigger. The perfect way to hydrate if you ask me.

Next, fried foods, fried foods, and more fried dishes.

Deep-fried squid


Crispy deep-fried chicken

Lastly, but definitely not least is a nicely chilled Daiginjo!


Nagoyaka Tei, Harutori Branch

 なごやか亭 釧路春採店 / Nagoyaka Tei, Harutori Branch

7 Chome-1-10 Harutori, Kushiro, Hokkaido 085-0813

I've been here several times a few years back and still love the quality and volume of the fish served daily here. It's rarely ever frozen but is iced from catch to table. I especially recommend the fatty tuna, all reasonably priced. It's extremely busy here, so recommend visiting on weekdays.

Click on the website and take a look at the fish.


From the Desk of .....

Doggy Diapers

It has been a while since posting a right-wing piece on Japan, but here it goes...

Travel anywhere in Japan and you may discover that the foundation of every prefecture here is in its shrines and temples; fermented rice brews; washoko (traditional cuisine); Showa era matures; an onsen ( natural geothermal spas ). The nation of Japan as a whole share a common identity both linguistically and in principle. A true marvel to behold. No other nation is quite like it to be honest.

Sure, you may have your own valid reasons for visiting this island nation and seeing it through the lens of a tourist. You may not even care about the things I mentioned above, but this is fine too and is merely a matter of perception. You may be stuffing your face with ungodly amounts of extreme ramen with 400 grams of pork stacked sky-high on a bowl of noodles. You may probably even be gorging yourself with a plate of conveyor belt sushi - 30 plates! Groping your own belly. Or stuffing yourself into a kimono. You might be dressing up as your favorite manga character. Whatever floats your boat.

Somebody's grandson is shopping for adult diapers again, which still outsells baby diapers. I'm sure the grandson is wondering when he'll be able to muster up the courage to have a child of his own. He's still shy and a virgin clear into his 30s. If the granddaughter is a female ( she may not identify with pronouns) , she or them are probably still a single office lady ( person ) with an expensive collection of wines and one single passion fruit on her/its veranda; because that's all the passion she'll / they'll ever know. They are simply too scared of LOVE. Self-inflicted purgatory.

Back in the day during my ALT days, when I was liberating the young Japanese youth from Western decadence, Koizumi was in full march and swing with his battalion of LDP members visiting the shrines of shrines. His message was about unifying the body of the nation. The body politic Yamato. Reconciliation with the old and the new. He was a man of the Kojiki. He was a man of Japan. Most Japanese men of today fear such topics. They quiver in their boots. I can already hear their nervous chuckles in the distance behind a thinly veiled smile. Obsequious in nature.

The rising crescent and chisel of China has risen over the horizon against the glorious backdrop of the Hinomaru casting a shadow over its people. The future of Japan is uncertain now for sure, especially since you've got Rahm Emmanuel on his way over here ( former gov. of Chicago), and his boss biden. Please. Hands off Japan. Leave it to us to manage its foreign policy from the sidelines. Bonzai!

Anyway, the secret to happiness is good sake, good sleep, good onsen, good Jukujo, good food.


愛媛県 Ehime Prefecture Iyo Province

Ehime Prefecture

Everything this blog represents is embodied in Shikoku.  When you break everything down, it's about the "dashi" a stock that is the cornerstone of all Japanese cuisine. 

Jyakoten Fish Cake

It's the "umami" in the cuisine, that glutamate that adds savoriness to meats and soups. 

It's the sweet round goodness in the "mikan" tangerines.  The pure water in the nihonshu - fermented rice brew.  

Mikan Onigiri

It's having Dogo Onsen, the oldest "onsen" natural geothermal springs; over 2000 years old.  Shikoku is the mecca for pilgrimages in Japan.  People come from far and wide to find a spiritual identity. 


  It's the refinement in the Jukujo

Seiro Kagiya


Seiro Kagiya

成龍酒造 愛媛県 かぎや 純米

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Umenishiki Yamakawa

Umenishiki Yamakawa Umenishiki Yamakawa Kabushikigaisha 14 Kanagawa, Kanada-cho, Shikokuchuo-shi, Ehime Prefecture 


This sake brewery is one of the oldest and most established sake breweries in the world. Winner of dozens of awards in sake and more and is one of my favorites. I had an opportunity to enjoy drinking it right in Ehime Prefecture, and it's so readily available, you can get it at almost any shop. 

 The sake I am having for lunch is 梅錦 超辛純米 300ml 梅錦山川酒造 容量:300ml ( Cho kara Junmai - extra dry pure sake ) ◆アルコール度:15~16度 ◆日本酒度:+14.5 ◆原材料名:米・米麹 ◆精米歩合:65% ◆製造:梅錦山川株式会社 Best paired with Shikoku Udon in my opinion.

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The best time to visit a luxury onsen spa is in the heavy rain ☔️ or when a typhoon is moving just off the coast. You get the cold winds th...