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I am your patriot teacher...

I am your patriot teacher.

I have been preaching the good gospel of Japan love since the days of Koizumi.    I used to take dates  and students on Yasukuni Shrine tours back in my early days here.    I was the one who put three fourths of Japan's natural preserves on the map.   I taught the world about the “Jukujo” and Japanese sake love, and about the balance between hot spas, sexy matures, and sake.   
Now, the beauty of the Jukujo motherland is in distress.    The horrid COVID19.   The pandemic is here now and it’s the Japanese mans fault for not protecting the motherland.   It’s the Japanese man’s fault for not being man enough to be proactive enough.   Now, my Japanese Jukujo Sex Moms are at risk - my lactating Queens.  At  Risk of extinction.  The eradication of an entire species.   
The Abe administration wants to embrace the  Olympic flames and pipe dreams of Governor Koike at the worst possible time in the nation’s history.    The gods are angry.   Fuming mad.   Blowing s…
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Hot Japanese Sweet Potato

The greatest hot sweet potatoes in Japan!   Premium Marugo steamed yams!!

Autumn Food: Starchy Sweet Potatoes!   
The most popular Autumn plant yam  in Japan is the sweet potatoe.     Rich in fiber, potassium, including the A and C vitamins, and more!  
The sweet potatoes is regarded as a New World Crop from the 1600s and was first introduced to the Okinawans then later by Tokugawa to the mainland.   Since its introduction to Japan, the sweet potatoes has become a stable of the Japanese diet  next to rice when rice used to be scarce.

Coffee & Pie

Delicious coffee and pie

Essentials for your stay in Japan

Stuff for your stay in Japan part 1
Smile eye drops packed with 8 active  ingredients to help soothe tired eyes is 665 yen at Welcia.   
Next essential thing is sesame tea for lowering blood pressure!  


Reservation only and you should sit at the counter.   Japanese is required.   One of my favorite sake places,  
Enjoy real local sake in Niigata 

Sea Bream Base Sea Urchin Ramen

For 2500 yen / $ 25 Bucks you can enjoy an amazing bowel of  uni ramen
(╹◡╹)And yes,  the broth goes perfectly with the sea urchin

Ishigaki Islands, the last southern frontier of Japan

The soul of Japan has  evolved into an old blog from  an old fogy man-baby with a young soul.  This blog has evolved…Did I just say that?...   At any rate, I’ve sown seeds folks. No one knows the hand that planted those trees.   I’m an old foggy fogy….man. ( clearing my throat)

In this post: I will cover one  tropical island, some food, and one Japanese sake.  And maybe a little lore. So let's get down to business....

What is sake, again?   => It's called "nihonshu" and it's a drink that has been infused in almost every aspect of Japanese culture and tradition for thousands of years!   The very essence of this drink is considered "divine" here in Japan. It is the balance of water, rice, and koji that gives it its vibe. Then it's bringing these 3 elements together to create the perfect drink.   

The sake I will introduce to you is made by Taikokushuzo, an Okinawa Prefecture brewed sake called "Rei - Mei no Aki Agari" 黎明の秋あがり.  The da…