Aoki Shuzo’s Kakurei 3rd Edition for 2022 - Ayano Otake


Aoki Shuzo’s 3rd Edition for 2022 has released an absolutely beautiful Junmai Daigenjo-shu in commemoration for its artist of the year Ms. Ayano Otake. This nihonshu is brewed using a premium rice grain called Omachi which has a beautiful roundness and acidity that makes you drink it slowly on its own or with a fish dish. The artist is renowned for painting beautiful depictions of Japanese women in natural form.  This style of painting is similar to an art called Bijinga, or the art form denoting the beauty of Japanese females. She is a Japanese painter born in Saitama Prefecture. 

Ms. Otake holds a Ph.D in Fine Arts from Tokyo University and is brilliant in mind and in spirit. Many of the themes in her artwork focus on depictions of refined Japanese beauty, which is befitting of nihonshu brewed by Aoki Shuzo in my opinion.  Many of Ms. Otake's paintings accentuate the skin tones and lines of kimono with powerful depictions. In my opinion, nihonshu has always been brewed for the gods in the likeness of Japanese female beauty. 

In my opinion, nihonshu has always been brewed for the gods in the likeness of Japanese female beauty. Having visited Aoki Shuzo in Niigata, I have fond memories of this delicious Kakurei brands, but also the snow country where this sake was made. Everything about it imbues the Bijinga. There is an old proverb "white skin covers the seven flaws" (色の白いは七難隠す, iro no shiroi wa shichinan kakusu), which refers to a white-skinned woman being beautiful even if her features are not attractive.

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State of the Nation

The beauty of Japan is and can be expressed in many ways. As usual, mine is the expression of love and elixir. How I define it is Jukujo, Nihonshu, Onsen, and so much more.

Japanese men were hatched from eggs in incubators in laboratories. It is impossible for them to have come forth through the love of the Japanese mother womb. Figuratively. They are simply detached from the pulse of life. They are automated; slaves to the machine. Sacrificing all for nothing, and nothing for all.

I, on the other hand, have been preaching the hot gospel of sake to the masses. Attempting to re-instill the value of Japanese cultural assets back to the beaten down soul of the Japanese man. I can see the fruits of my labor. Nothing has gone in vain.

Other than eccentric Anglo Saxons who are robbing and redefining the country as I type this message. I wish to anchor the nation on its own principles.

The other day, I was sitting in a bar enjoying a hot bowl of oden and cold sake. An elderly man was trying to teach another Japanese man how to enjoy Japanese sake, but that man could not, and insisted on having a lemon sour instead. The elderly gentleman then tried to hook him up with the young cute waitress, but she was not interested. Such is the lost soul of the nation.

Japan is lost to the young.

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