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I am writing today to discuss the disease of Anglo standards of beauty. What Chinese do to appease their Anglo bosses is of no concern to me, personally, and I suspect neither the Japanese could care less how much The Chinese endear themselves to their Anglo masters. I only wish to preserve Japanese beauty standards as the epitome of feminine belle. The reason for this post is to remind my readership that Asian beauty is a standard, just like Anglo beauty is. I am so glad Japanese photographers are keeping this element rreal everyday. On the news the other day a white lady was anchoring a news program. I did not understand how an Anglo woman could have a Chinese name, so I dug around and found out the story.

Julie Suzanne Chen Moonve

In 2015, Chen revealed on The Talk that during her time in Dayton her news director had told her that she would never become a news anchor because of her "Asian eyes". After a "big-time agent" agreed and advised her to get plastic surgery, she made the decision to have a surgical procedure to reduce the epicanthic folds of her eyes.[18] Wikipedia

I was as astonished to learn about this. Was her career that important? What is the messaging here for other Asian women with epicanthic folds in their eyes? This standard of beauty or rounded eyelids was from Anglo Europe and regarded as beautiful by Asians with low self-esteem. Epicanthic folds are just as attractive as round eyes, but even more so depending on the beholder.

I do not care what school of beauty you spawned from, but to force low self-esteem Asians to ruin their faces by looking Anglo is wrong! It was wrong back in ancient times, and it is wrong today. I am concerned about the messaging and its impact on other people with epicanthic folds in their eyes. Asians are not the only race with Asian folds in their eyes.

Fight to preserve Asian beauty as a global standard!


Shindo Sake Brewery, Yamagata Japan. Gasanryuu

Shindo Sake Brewery, Yamagata Japan. Gasanryuu Gasanryu Gokugetsu Junmai Daiginjo "Mountain Stream" Junmai Daiginjo #gasanryu #gasanryusake #gokugetsu #SHINDOUSHUZOUTEN#shindobrewery Yamagata prefecture. Dewa33 rice. Yamagata. A prefecture I dearly love. I put Hainuki rice on the culinary map in English years ago. Way before this new rice grain they eat there. At any rate, this is a Daiginjo, super premium sake made with rice milled down to 50% or less of its original size. The first sip will have enhanced sweetness, but give it time and the flavor rounds out beautifully into a nice honeydew melon. Yamagata Bijin are the exact same. This is also a Muroka! Unfiltered, not as in nigori-zake (i.e. cloudy sake), but as in not charcoal filtered after brewing. Clear appearance but often a rougher flavor. I’m Additional, it’s a Namazume: Sake that has been bottled as unpasteurized sake. Usually, if this term is on the bottle, it will be pasteurized one time for stability after having been bottled, but the standard first pre-bottling pasteurization will have been foregone. Highly recommend!

Brasserie Viron Shibuya

Brasserie Viron Shibuya #viron #渋谷 #感染拡大防止 #viron #viron渋谷 #フランス料理 #ブラッスリー #ヴィロン #文化村 #東急本店 #クレープ #感染予防 #brasserie Important note here: The French word tarte can be translated to mean either pie or tart, as both are mainly the same. The big difference is that a pie usually has a pastry covering the filling. A tart is an open-faced pie. A tartlet is a miniature tart Those of you who've been with me for awhile know I love to finish a meal with good coffee and dessert. This time around I stopped over at an old favorite in Shibuya called Viron. Here I ordered a fresh tarte juor with real vanilla ice cream on the side, and a double-shot of espresso. The fruit and crunchiness in the tarte was really good! Nothing fell apart at all and complimented the espresso nicely. Customer service was excellent. Servers were attentive and timely. Menus had lots of authentic French food without Japanese flavors. It's all what I remember during my time in Europe. Whenever I see Rum Baba on the menu I order it quickly without hesitation. A rum baba or baba au rhum is a small yeast cake saturated in syrup made with hard liquor, usually rum, and sometimes filled with whipped cream or pastry cream. The FIRST thing I noticed was that the unlimited dark rum they offer you on the side had a whole vanilla bean inside of the bottle, not some extract or artificial vanilla. REAL vanilla bean. The vanilla infused rum is so authentically French and poured over beautifully the cake. Most noteworthy item on the menu for me was the Rum Baba, for sure. It was obviously super sweet, but had a lovely rich vanilla essense to it that could easily be forgiven sweet is not your thing, that is! 5 Stars all around!