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Reservation only and you should sit at the counter.   Japanese is required.   One of my favorite sake places,  
Enjoy real local sake in Niigata 

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Sea Bream Base Sea Urchin Ramen

For 2500 yen / $ 25 Bucks you can enjoy an amazing bowel of  uni ramen
(╹◡╹)And yes,  the broth goes perfectly with the sea urchin

Ishigaki Islands, the last southern frontier of Japan

The soul of Japan has  evolved into an old blog from  an old fogy man-baby with a young soul.  This blog has evolved…Did I just say that?...   At any rate, I’ve sown seeds folks. No one knows the hand that planted those trees.   I’m an old foggy fogy….man. ( clearing my throat)

In this post: I will cover one  tropical island, some food, and one Japanese sake.  And maybe a little lore. So let's get down to business....

What is sake, again?   => It's called "nihonshu" and it's a drink that has been infused in almost every aspect of Japanese culture and tradition for thousands of years!   The very essence of this drink is considered "divine" here in Japan. It is the balance of water, rice, and koji that gives it its vibe. Then it's bringing these 3 elements together to create the perfect drink.   

The sake I will introduce to you is made by Taikokushuzo, an Okinawa Prefecture brewed sake called "Rei - Mei no Aki Agari" 黎明の秋あがり.  The da…

Feel the Coolness of the Blueness: Japan's vast marine preserves.

Summer is usually at its peak in August in Japan with many Japanese returning home to be with extended family, friends, and relatives.  It's almost impossible to get around by car with traffic and packed trains. Many locals stay within greater Tokyo to enjoy the festivities.  Perhaps the most exciting time to be here is summer because I love the cool of summer water off the coast of anywhere in Japan.  

Just the other day we went over our gear to make sure everything was in good condition.  Fins, snorkels, gloves, and rash guards; Japan is notorious for box jellyfish. We hopped on the express called the Tokaido Line from Tokyo to southern Izu - took 90 minutes to reach our destination.   Taxi ride from the station was 1000 yen / $10.00 USD. We found a nice little dive site and got suited up and in the deep blue we went. Our eyes were blessed beyond our expectations!

The summers are hot, humid, and sultry around the entire island, including Hokkaido, which was once a safe hav…

Hate Speech in Japan

Local municipalities  in Japan have been pushing a motion to make hate speech punishable by imposing fines and other legal actions.     I for one support free speech and I support the condemnation of minority groups who break national laws.

I do not condone hate speech of any kind, but I do condone civic discourse that questions the legitimacy of fraudulent claims by those who choose not the assimilate or naturalize into the great nation of Japan.   I question those institutions that allow North Korean schools to exist here tax free and who payout billions of yen in free health benefits.   This is not hate speech, this is common sense, something in short supply here.

Since the re-founding of Japan's Constitution by the former Occupational Authority under the late former General Douglas McArthor(sp), 50 additions were entered into the current constitution in Japan.   Such freedoms like  free speech and equality were among many revisions added to it.

Since the overwhelming majori…

Zojoji Temple: the Main Temple of the Jodo-shu sect of Pure Land Buddhism

Pretty much every tourist who visits Tokyo will most likely wind up at this venerated temple in Minato-ku.   Through these doors sits a huge beautiful golden Buddha fully adorned in a solemn darkness, surrounded by souls.

The whole inner sanctuary is hallowed ground for me.   The incense and prayer sticks always gets me and puts me in the mood for prayer.    There are a row of chairs to sit on right in front of the alter and I often come here to nap in solemn repose and spiritual harmony.   I'm at home in the womb of Japan.

Reflecting on self,  helps one realize their  shortcomings.   We all have to start from self with all of our own  personal failures, and dealing with demons.   The struggle to understand the balance between god man is seldom won.

Sometimes you do not have to speak when at an alter; you can just remain silent and allowing it to take you away like on a meandering stream of consciousness through the cosmos.   I wonder how far I can project my thoughts sometimes…

From the Desk of SofJ: A New Era of Dogmatism

People of Tokyo, I have arrived and I will shake the establishment to the core.  Take heed.  I may need to save Tokyo from being exported by the globalist and its cohorts.  I am sure somebody is Yelling at the top of their lungs now!  I know they want to toss me off this tower, so just get in line.

Leaving behind the beach life in beautiful sunny southern Kanagawa, I am now a resident of Greater Tokyo.  Zushi life was epic though!  The sun, surf, and bikini life  and wild beach parties was unforgettable.

South coast beach love is a completely unique experience in all of Japan, and I am leaving this all behind to continue my gospel of good sake, culinary delights, and Jukujo and Japan love, or the Right.  I am totally the Right and far more lethal in doctrine, but at the same time I am gentle.  I know these young ones are bought and sold on escapism and conspicuous consumption.   They will never bare the torch of traditional values and they will mostly likely shun the continuity of tr…