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Yokohama Ramen Ippachya !

ippachya1, originally uploaded by McTojo. Located in the Sky Building on the 10F is this gem of an ramen place. This ramen shop was ranked #2 in this months edition of Mook as one of the top ramen shops you can visit. Nice tonkotsu ( heavy broth), very tasty noodles, excellent eggs and pork also. The average cost is 650 yen. Hours are 11:00 to 24:00 and open everyday. Phone number is 045-451-3080. Directions: Yokohama Station, East Exit, Skybuilding 10Floor; total walking time 3 minutes !


CONTI,ICHIRAN, originally uploaded by McTojo.


MEN-OKU RAMEN SHOP "kawasaki", originally uploaded by McTojo. Located right off of route 15 in Kawasaki. There are no near by train stations. You can reach here by car or any city bus that goes down route 15 which is know as the famous "ramen kaido/road."

Nishi Guchi Ramen

Nishi Guchi Ramen, originally uploaded by McTojo. This pork is about an inch thick and they give you two slabs of them ! I love this place. This shop is located about a 2 or 3 minute walk outside of Yokohama station, west exit ! Just take the west exit; turn right; cross the intersection. On your right hand side you'll see a large Tokyu Hotel; veer left down a small narrow street. Within seconds you'll then see a ramen shop; next to that shop take a sharp right down an alley. The restaurant will be on your left hand side. 860 yen for this bowl.

Flavor characteristics: Very oily; full flavored; not that salty; excellent pork and the noodles are medium hard ! Very nice thick soup broth.


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Suzuki Ramen

Very famous shoyu based ramen near Shirakawa in Fukushima.  A must for visitors who have time to stop over here.  This is also listed in a few ramen guides.  This was an excellent bowl of ramen.