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Sekairo: Authentic Chinese Gyoza in Utsunomiya

Located in Tochigi Prefecture in Utsunomiya City is yet another gem of a restaurant famed for having delicious gyoza(fried dumplings).  Sekairo is the name.Now, since gyoza abounds in this part of Japan where almost everywhere you turn  there’s a gyoza shop, there is yet but one little shop called Sekairo which is truly a local favorite.  Now for me, I’ve been to this part of Japan about 11 times in five years and every time I come to this area I always eat gyoza.  I have eaten at some of the best gyoza restaurants  of which many came by recommendation from people who live in this area.  Every recommendation was a good one.However, what sets Sekairo apart from the rest is that it is a true authentic Chinese style gyoza shop replete with Chinese chefs, Chinese menus, and Chinese atmosphere.  The gyoza itself is made with over 32 different ingredients stuffed into a dumpling.  According to Rurubu, a well founded Japanese travel guide, this is the editor’s favorite, and after I tried it …