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Reflections: Suisen

This post is dedicated to Yasuhiko Konno, the owner of the famed sake brewery called Suisen, which was destroyed in the Great Tohoku Chiho earthquake. The picture above was taken from my book that I had published back in 08' of onsen and sake. This image was shot near the Toyusawa River in Iwate Prefecture from my room . The sake to the left is Suisen.
The veranda where I stood for this picture was epic and evoked in me a sense of power and mystery over how well sake and Japan blend so wonderfully together with nature, time, and space. Relaxing in the cool of the evening in my room at Namari Hot spring, overlooking the Toyusawa River with a very cold bottle of locally brewed jizake, right after a nice dip in an onsen was amazing.
I owe and dedicate this memory to the master craftsmanship of Mr. Konno and his team of specialist who have been working tirelessly towards the pursuit of perfection. When I heard the news that Suisen was lost during the floods I was shocked. Here is a photo of what's left here
I hope and pray that they can rebuilt and put all the pieces back together. I hope they also receive millions of dollars in donations and that they can locate the workers whose whereabouts are still unknown. It's a sad day. But I remain optimistic that there's still hope for a better tomorrow.

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