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Sake & Beef !?

Immediately, when one thinks about what pairs well with a nice juicy steak, the answer most people  give is wine.    I think it’s because wine surrenders herself over to steak,  like the fine mane of beauty itself.

Wine embellishes the taste of a medium rare sirloin, and while not allowing her taste to steal the moment from steak, wine gracefully bows out after each swallow.  Just like a fine wine.   I think nihonshu (rice beer) is just as graceful and should be spotlighted for her loveliness as well. Suginamiki is what the brew masters call her; she’s young and vivacious, yet very disciplined for her age. She’s a nama which means she has living enzymes that keep her fresher and younger tasting than all the rest of her contemporaries.

She’s also a honjozo nama which means she’s a bit more charming and aromatic as well. Her date for tonight was Tochigi Beef which is known through out Tohoku as a championship beef in itself. Here at the Cowherd of Nasu Shiobara was my golden chance to try this much acclaimed Japanese beef.  I wasn’t disappointed at all. For once I had a normal steak that didn’t melt in your mouth like some premium steaks would.  This steak was nice and juicy, but it didn’t end there, I ordered up a beef stew and a hamburger patty to boot even though I was almost full from the sirloin steak set.  

In the end, I finished everything I had ordered with the help of my darling suginamiki and her elegant charms.

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