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August: The Return of Souls

August is peak summer season in Japan.  We can look forward to some of the most spectacular fireworks displays and festivals in the world, ...

The Disputed Burial Grounds of Christ !!

In a little town called Shingo in Aomori Prefecture there is a place that is arguably the burial grounds of Jesus Christ of the Bible. It is said that 12 years of Christ's life is missing from the scriptures and that during that time Christ had traveled to Asia! According to some accounts Jesus traveled to India where there are records of The Christ performing miracles there. He also traveled to Japan and it was here that he married a Japanese woman and fathered a child. It is also said that his younger brother died for Jesus in proxy! Of course this is just lore and not to be taken literally. If the town of Shingo wants to spend its money on stuff that has no meaning for its people then so be it. Thousands of tourist flock to this place year after year to commemorate the frienship between Isreal and Japan, and to entertain the idea that Jesus once lived in Japan. No other country on earth has such a fascination about non-Japanese religious icons than Japan. I mean, we have religious freaks in North America who believe in strange notions about the after-life, and maybe even sometimes take things to the extreme like during the Waco Siege incident, which in my opinion was utterly stupid on the part of David.... Here in Japan, however, most Japanese cherish religious symbols and even pray to them, but in no way are Japanese people driven to such extremes as to kill or have others killed in the name of religion. In this way Japanese are so much more advanced than Westerners and West Asians.


  1. Praying to an object is not more advanced, its less informed.

  2. Not driven to extremes? Have you already forgotten about the gas attacks?

  3. Anonymous #1

    I see....

    Anonymous #2

    Sarin attacks was an isolated incident by a cult leader.

  4. I'm pretty sure the Imperial Japanese war slogan "all eight corners of the world under one roof" counts as extreme.

  5. C<< Thanks.

    That slogan is not that much different than Western expansionism and dominance in the world.



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