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Hailing From Aizu Wakamatsu " Ore No Juban"

Introducing "kokken Ore no Deban" "This is my turn". This sake caught me completely off gaurd. I loved this taste. It came recommend by the brewer. Tokubetsu honjozo "gohyakumangoku" rice. Very flavorful for a honjozo and complex. You can taste a lot of maturity in this sake. Again new rice. All of the sake I taste is very recent. The bold print "kokken" is the name of the sake and ore no deban is a special brew made by kokken shuzo ! As for pear nose, not much there. Taste is acquired so saying something taste like this or that is subjective to ones own perception. You either like sake or you don't. This Autumn should see some nice sake come out. Stay open and try everything. You'll be surprised what sake will do for you.


  1. Tony, love your website. I'm in Tokyo, so can you site where I can buy a bottle of that "ferocious tiger in a bottle" Ore no Juban?
    Much appreciated!
    /Patricia Yarrow

  2. Hi Patricia,

    I think the best way to get this is by ordering it. If you need more details PM me. I need to check my notes.



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