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Morning Onsen

This onsen photo was an experiment in cloning. This was actually taken at a hotel in Izu early in the morning.  Westerners are accustomed to bathing at night, before bed. Typically in the morning they like to have showers before starting their day, but in Japan, on holiday, the morning bath is the best. 

At the crack of dawn on a cold morning I like to tippy-toe down the hallway, down those cold creaky steps - freezing, as I find my way through the bathroom door. And then after dowsing myself with water I  slowly and carefully enter the hot water.  Ooohhh --- Aaaahh.   Opening every blood corpuscle in my body, a faint appetite begins to set in my stomach and then I know it's breakfast time.

A hot bath before breakfast works wonders for the appetite!   Your body is energized and ready and you don't feel groggy anymore.  One of the most important pastimes in Japan.  This is also called
Asaburo in Japanese or morning bath.

Japan is great.

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