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Sasanishiki of Akita Prefecture

Awhile ago I wrote up an article about Sasanishiki rice on this blog that gave information on about the differences between rice brands. Well, in this post I will be showcasing another excellent rice grain from Akita Prefecture called Sasanishiki. Now for those who may not know, Akita Komachi, which is a type of koshihikari, premium rice, is considered the finest brand in this part of Japan and one of the finest rice brands in the world. However, this article will shine a spotlight on a very rare rice grain grown in Akita that is called sasanishiki, which by the way is not only confined to Akita, but in just about all the major northern regions of Japan. I love rice that's grown from local farms in small rural areas. I think the rice has a better texture and taste than regular store bought rice. This rice was excellent ! It almost tasted just like koshihikari.

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