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Ethnic Taste: Bamiyan

Yes, that’s right, Bamiyan, a chain restaurant in Japan serving Chinese cuisines, which offers every known popular Chinese food dish right here in the land of green tea and onsen. But why write about it ? Well, for starters, according to Dancyu, a very well known food magazine in Japan, hails this restaurant as the best Chinese food you can get for the yen. The restaurant is graded according to taste, timely service, and atmosphere. Do I agree with Dancyu ? Yes, because I’ve been to China a few times and have tasted the best that they had to offer. I’ve even been to HK, and that was before England gave it back. Food from both of these countries left my stomach with ghastly gastrointestinal memories of which I won’t talk about here. I’m not China bashing, I just don’t think Chinese food in China can rival Chinese food in Japan – call me subjective. I know Chinese food in L.A. is quite delectable. I know that for a fact because I’m overweight and I have a strong addiction to MSG’s and trans fatty foods with high carbohydrates. At least we can thank the Japanese for inventing MSG, so I’m not blaming Chinese chefs entirely. Food is food, right…? At any rate, I love Bamiyans. I recommend it highly for those who want something Simple & Good. Bamiyans will give you timely service, the food will invariably taste better because they use good ingredients. Another good thing about Bamiyans is there take out service. You can call from home and have your food delivered to your doorstep. If course you’ll need to have some understanding of the language, but if you want to eat something that’s affordable and satisfying then Bamiyan - it ! Oh, and remember, this is not Bamiyans the Buddha.
Some dishes to note: Fried rice, chicken karaage, noodles.

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