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Landmark Tower!

Landmark Sparkles
Built in 1983, the Landmark Tower stands as the symbol of the 21st Century in Yokohama, Japan. This iconic building with 69 floors is home to over a dozen world-class restaurants, a hotel, and even a car wash! 

But what is a 21st Century building anyway, and what makes it any different from other fancy buildings in Japan? Maybe because it’s earthquake proof....I have experienced 8 quakes in this building.    When engineers design a building they want it to be a symbol of technological achievement. I mean, what use is a 21st Century style building if it can’t stand up to natural disasters?

My baby is Yokohama Landmark Tower because I’ve worked here and have been working here off and on for over half a decade. I think I have a pretty good grasp of the place, don’t you think?  I have experienced at least 8 earthquakes in this building, each ever so gentle, almost rocking me as if I was in a baby’s crib.  I even experienced a 9.0 quake which felt like a 2.0. I have been in this building when it was racked by heavy winds and typhoons all from the 40th floor. This building has withstood the test of nature’s sometimes unforgiving hand. This is a 21st Century building.

Another thing that makes this a nice building is its amenities; gorgeous restrooms, spacious atrium, plenty of places to sit down and read, lots of sunlight. For those one-stop shoppers with limited time and budget, there’re a wide range of shops offering everything from anti-animal tested handmade soaps, to an outstanding Pokemon Center on the fourth floor, which is a real hit with the kids I hear.   Just across from that shop you can see a stuffed animal shop where you can make your own fluffy little teddy bear which is standard fair in any shopping center in Kanto. Did I also mention how smooth Landmark Tower’s concrete slabs are across my hands and nimble finger tips…?  She pulses for me at night when all of her lights are on.

I feel a sense of connection to this building. Actually, I’m Landmark Tower’s baby since it was hear I met the most women in one given place at one time; I often act as a tour guide for single women who’ve lost their way. ‘ Oh, thanks, here’s my number. Why not meet me on the observatory deck on the 69th floor for some coffee.’ Not even the winds or the earthquakes could shatter such a moment, at least not in this 21st Century building.


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