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Nanatsuboshi of Hokkaido

Another rice grain that's loved in Japan. Nanatsuboshi. This is probably the third or fourth article written up on rice, which I feel is the heart and soul of Japanese cuisine. The reason for choosing this particular rice grain is because it's a new type of grain which was born from two rice strands; hito me bure and kirara 397, which are considered the best in Hokkaido. This rice is not only reasonably priced but delicious as well, and goes well with stews - I would never eat a koshihikari rice with a stew. This is a type of ordinary everyday rice used by millions of people in Hokkaido. I'm on my fourth day of eating this rice and on a scale of 1 to 10 I rate it at about an 8 because it's not as sticky as I would like and the water retention isn't as high as like say a koshihikari. All rice doesn't taste the same ! Some would argue that, but it's true, all rice doesn't taste the same.

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