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Ichiyorai いっちょらい

This notable sake which hails from Fukui Prefecture on the Sea of Japan side of Honshu is one of the most well-known rice wines from this part of the island. Just a few months ago I had attended a dinner which hosted local specialties from this region, so naturally I had to answer the call.

But, why blog about this sake? For one, Fukui prefecture is not known for producing world-class sake. Another reason is that Fukui has been producing sake for centuries, yet their sake has no unique and distinguishable characteristics. However, Ichiyorai daigenjyo does, but not only that, it's delightfully and surprisingly smooth and floral scented, as well.

I would rate this brand a strong seven for body with a medium dryness. Goes very well with light dishes like Echizen ramen and food from this prefecture.

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