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Autumn in Sankeien Garden

I love gardens. I think it’s really a pity that so much beauty goes under appreciated, but in order not to sound so soppy I want to explain to you the reason I chose to write about this garden. The infusion of local ideas and principles through different mediums of expression are evident in just about every aspect of Japanese history, lore, and architecture. As such I have chosen this garden, but not just for this infusion, but because my blog infuses similar principles of beauty: Shrines, Nihonshu, Hot Springs, Food, and Natural Japanese Women.

When Sankei Hara built the Sankeien Garden he took the best ideas and inspirations from both Kyoto( namely the famous Katsura Rikyu Palace) and Kamakura, which are well known cities in Japan which are also famous for their natural balance and seemingly timeless beauty all year round. It’s because of this blending of local history and natural landscape that so many people come from far and wide to see this garden.

Another neat aspect of this garden are the numerous flowers and gasso style houses you can learn about. You have such flowers like: Suisen (narcissus tazetta) Sazanka( Camellia Sasanqua) Kantsubaki and of course maple leaves, which are all available for your viewing pleasure until December 21, 2008, as well as night viewing. The admissions is 500 yen for adults and 300 yen for children under 13. Night autumn viewing is open to the public until 8pm.

Getting here is very easy: From JR Negishi Station at bus stop No.1, take any one of the municipal buses labeled Route No. 58,99, or 101. Get off at Honmoku(10 minutes’ ride), and then walk to the Garden(7 minutes).

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