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Convenience Store Food in Ishikawa Prefecture!

I thought it was important to post this because for me it’s important for others to understand and appreciate the enormous level of convenience in Japan. On the night I had eaten this feast I was staying at a business hotel in Kanazawa, which was about a 20 minute walk to Kenroku Gardens.
Anytime I visit a new prefecture I always sample the local food at the local market first and then the nihonshu because for me it’s central in understanding the people. Kanazawa people, like most Japanese, love seafood and can create almost anything out of it. I love Japanese seafood, but the style and presentation of seafood in Kanagawa and Tokyo do not rival this part of Japan on a convenience store level. It is not like what can be found in Tokyo or Kanagawa where the sushi rolls are typical and uninteresting or no sushi at all in many convenience stores.
In the pictures you can see a famous Ishikawa brand called “kagatsuru.” This sake is like the “Kubota” of Niigata but with subtle differences in aroma and texture. Burikama, the meat around the fish’s gills, is a local favorite of this region. The second food item wrapped in a green leaf is called “sasano hazushii,” which is unique to this part of Japan also. You see, there’s lots of uniqueness in Japan and in its many prefectures. This meal cost me under 3000 yen and I wasn’t even able to finish it all.

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