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The Horses of Cape Shiriya!

Cape Shiriya is at the most northeasterly point in Honshu, the main island of Japan. The "Kandachime" horses, which originated in Aomori Prefecture, graze here. The horse's name comes from the fact that they stand straight and still throughout the frigid winters of northern Japan, which at times can reach record low temperature of around minus 30 degrees Celsius. These are strong stout horses that become aggressive when they see stranger people walking around. I was chased away trying to get up close to these gorgeous creatures. The sight of the grazing horses set against the lighthouse in the cliffs is a particularly impressive scene, especially during winter.

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  1. To the Anonymous commenter,

    Obviously you were at a petting zoo and not Cape Shiriya. Even the locals will tell you to be careful around those horses. I was up there with quit a few people that day, and many stay safely in their cars. No one, absolutely noone was out there petting these horses. Another things, I won't accept anymore anonymous commenter posts here.



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