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Ishikawa Prefecture: Crab Legs!

After finally leaving Gifu the highway condition improved. I was finally able to remove my snowchains and drive my normal 120 k/m an hour. Once we arrived in Ishikawa the first order of business was Ishikawa crab, which a lot of the locals tout as the 'holy grail' of crab in Hokoriku. After trying several of the leg portions I wasn't sold on the 'holy grail' part, but I was finally convinced that Hokkaido offers the best crab for the best price, albiet a little pricey, but neverthless the best in overall terms of taste and size.


  1. Those crab legs look delicious!

  2. Thanks for the comment reesan, but wouldn't recommend them. Hokkaido crab for me is the best.



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