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Kobe Beef Bento Box

Awhile back, I remember trying this delicious bento. I think it's one of the more popular choices, especially amongst train geeks like myself. There are a few others which I will post a bit later. This Kobe Beef bento box is hard to keep stock as they sell out very quickly. Kobe Beef is a kind of premium grade marbled fatty beef that's extremely expensive. However, there are other notable greats like Yonezawa Beef which is a bit less expensive, but tastes just as good, probably better in my opinion since I like fatty beef. What's interesting is that Kobe Beef is a 100% Japanese creation whereas Yonezawa Beef was brought over from the West by a certain Englishmen who then popularized it and gave it international recognition. It's important to remember that the Japanese have been making premium grade beef long before the West did, in fact Kobe Beef has its origins in Shikoku then it gradually became popularized in Kobe and then recognized all over the world. Nice lunch!


  1. That looks really good. I have never had Kobe beef.

  2. I love Japanese beef too. Its very rich so little goes a long way.

    There are some good beef places up here in Nasushiobara. Otawara beef is considered very good, but is also very expensive.

    How much is a Kobe beef bento?

  3. That looks awesome!!! Man....that looks REALLY awesome!!

  4. Thanks Tornadoes,

    Kobe beef is nice, but I prefer Yamagata beef.

    Thanks David,

    Here is a deep link to another article on this blog:

    Yes, I agree. Tochigi beef is in the top 5. The Royal Family of Japan has a farm up there. The Kobe Beef bento is very reasonably priced at around 1200 yen. You can even purchase one at Tokyo Station.

    Thanks Chris, It was a great tasting bento. I was surprised at how soft the beef was. Melts right on the tongue.

  5. I have been a vegetarian, more or less, since I was 13. The only times I have enjoyed really good meat has been in Japan. Most countries have no respect for the animal, and the chefs do not know how to cook it. So, I think I will stay vegetarian.

    No hormones, no genetically modified feed (corn, soy) and no awful slaughter methods. Why Japan still does not have organically certified pork or beef?



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