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Local Commuter Train Ride in Tohoku

An early misty morning train ride through some of Tohoku's vast and seemingly endless network of rail lines can be a nostalgic experience.  Looking from my train window I can see remnants of the past; houses, farm lands, and rusty sign boards. The train line I was using is called a 'commuter express,' which is frequented by many commuters from Niigata to Aizu Wakamatsu city in Fukushima Prefecture every morning starting at around 8a.m. The nice thing about this commute is that there're very few people who commute to work by train at this distance, as most people drive their own cars to major cities such as Fukushima in order to work. As a result of fewer people, lots of empty seats are made available so that one may lay down and sleep the whole way during the very comfortable three and a half hour train ride bound for Fukushima. I chose to walk the entire length of the train as it wound itself around miles and miles of railroad while taking pictures. This was of course after I had a nice ekiben(train lunch).


  1. Where in Tohoku where you?

    I love the ride from Sendai to Yamagata. Although, I often wonder if JR keeps the rails up to par.

  2. Hi Thomas,

    This was the local commute from Niigata Station to Fukushima. Two different prefectures from Hokoriku to Tohoku.

  3. I really like the bridge pictures.

    Are your books at Maruzen?

  4. Thanks Thomas. My books are out of print now for the time being. I was selling through Yurindo.



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