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My Neighborhood Chinese Restaurant

I rarely list the names of local places because most would either forget the name, or never visit them. The reason for this post is simple - I want people to understand the importance of Chinese cuisine in Japan! A lot of people living here have probably passed by a few dozen local Chinese restaurants one time or another, and have probably never taken the time to stop by one for one reason or another. I think this is a pity since many of them really are pretty good! This picture was taken across the street from Negishi station, and is a true local favorite of this area. Their lunch sets are very reasonably priced - 850yen for an entree, rice,soup, and salad. My two big favorites are tsubuta ( pork stir fried with vegetables), and ebi chili( fried shrimp with a sweet chili sauce).

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  1. The Chinese food in America....which I love however un-authentic it may be is the best. Ever had "Duck sauce" ?? It must be from a different region of China from what's server here?? Miss that sauce!!

    I sadly...have no good Chinese food around me :(



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