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Tokyo Station Select Bento

Tokyo Station Select Bento, originally uploaded by Tony Alexander.

This was the most expensive bento on display at Tokyo Station, so I purchased it. The key thing to remember about this bento is its theme: Food from all four directions of Japan; sea,mountains,rivers,valleys,. In this bento there's eel(river),mushrooms(mountain),octopus(sea),rice(valley), and so on. And then, the beer, which I take is from heaven. Delicious as hell! Cost me about 1300 yen.

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  1. Ahh, i miss the bento! I'm envious though, you got the chance to live in Tokyo - so far I've spent almost all of my time in Fukuoka. If you're ever in the area check out Befu - it's a great hotsprings town!
    (And I'd reccomend some sake, but it's been too long for me to recall any brand names unfortunately...)



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