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Mejiro-Yousukou: 目白 揚子江

yosuko5, originally uploaded by Tony Alexander.

I would normally never blog about Chinese food because my blog is mainly about Japanese cuisines, onsen, and sake. The reason for choosing to post this is because of the historical relevance of this restaurant, which  has  long historical ties to some members of the Royal Family of Japan, plus my blog is a bit Tenno  centered.


 Prince Naruhito, to be exact, used to frequent this Chinese restaurant back when he was in junior high school, and his favorite dish of all time was and still is ebi-chili.   Not sure if he still comes here or not, but for a fact this restaurant has been a family favorite for many years, possibly decades.

 NHK aired a special on this restaurant two years ago highlighting some of the many delicious cuisines offered.  Luckily for me, I was able to research and save the information from the original program and now, two years later I embarked on a long train ride from Yokohama just last week and finally found this place. Very expensive; delicious food!   Perhaps the finest Chinese food I ever had, and I've eaten Chinese food in China, Taiwan, and in Hong Kong a few times.   A plate this size will cost about 2000 yen( high in price;big on taste; small in portions), which is equivalent to about $25.00 U.S.  I enjoyed the food so much I went back the next day and brought my friend with me. Even my friend loved the taste.

I've always been a big fan of Chinese food made in Japan with Japanese ingredients.   Personally, I think Chinese food made in Japan with Japanese ingredients tastes better in Japan than in China.  I call it Chinese food with a Japanese taste.


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