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Aged Sake: Koshu 古酒

aged sake, originally uploaded by Tony Alexander.

Sake name: Asahikawa; hizoukoshu/limited version; junmai-koshu/aged sake; high alc. Percentage. I like aged sake, especially a local jizake like this in the picture which was made in Yamagata. I also love imbibing on this kind of sake at night in an onsen in the middle of winter. The aged wood and sake; the starry night sky all mix well for a wonderful and relaxing night. i always make it a point to do a midnight soak with a cold bottle of aged sake.


  1. how is it different from the Hakutsuru Supérieur Junmai Ginjo sake ?

    I start to love sake after my last trip to japan, but the selection here in Montreal is very limited.
    I like the Hakutsuru Supérieur Junmai Ginjo sake but still looking to other sort of sake.
    I would love to find the sake I drink at Kyoto (with a classic Kyoto meal).

    Sake and Onsen ? are they good together ? :)

  2. Thanks.

    Cyril, thanks for the comment. I've tasted your brand of sake before. Hakutsuru is a very familiar sake label and a lot of people and restaurants sell it in Japan. Although it's good, I don't really care that much for it, and no, the taste is not similar. The sake in this picture is a bit astringent on the tongue, so I don't think it would be popular with many people.

    Sake and onsen do go very well together, especially at night.



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