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Inatsuyu This is a Junmai Ginjo shiboritatte( freshly pressed) seasonal sake produced in Tendo city, Yamagata. The reason for blogging this nihonshu is because I wanted to introduce a new type of rice called "honnama-dewasanzan!" which I think will revolutionize a whole new series of newly produced sake this year. Rice and koji methods are a make or break her for most all nihonshu you drink, so for this blog entry I wanted to introduce a real winner. Firstly, on my previous blogs about Yonezawa beef I mentioned about how some sake pair well with a good steak. Well, at the restaurant we had eaten at, this bottle came highly recommended by the chef who prepared our food. The only think is, is that we couldn't order by the glass, we had to purchase the whole bottle. So, knowing me, I did and decided to take it back to the hotel and drink down half of it by myself. It was fantastic! I won't go into flavor characterictics today, but I will tell you this, by far this was the best tasting sake during my entire trip in Yamagata.

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