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Jukujo Class Woman

jukujo21 Originally uploaded by Tony Alexander
Jukuko Class Women

What you are looking at is a voluptuous Japanese woman.   Some prudes may consider this offensive, but it's not.   I think a lot of people miss the true essence of true beauty when fawning over asian women in general.   Leg girth and size are just as admirable as a female who is skinny and underfed - at least according to other poeple, not me.   I love a nice healthy well fed woman.

("Japan can be saved by its own women.   Do not suffer fools gladly when they drool over anorexic types").

Japanese men must reinvent the whole concept of beauty in 2012.  Kizuna!  We must unite.   All Japanese women must eat four meals a day, jog, drink delicious sake, eat rice, and yakitori.   They need to lift weights and have robust sex lives.    They must worship at the shrines, they must pay respects to their elders.   And then seek me out for ......   well.

Japanese women can save Japan.   This is a known fact.   Japanese men cannot.


  1. Agreed. There is two much hoo-hah about skinny women these days. Give me a good ボン・キュ・ボン anyday ^^

  2. Thx Mike. Finally someone other than me sees the light. This is the ideal image I think.

  3. Just how I like my woman to look, she looks amazing. The world can be saved by woman like that!

  4. Agreed Scots! Japan can be saved through her bosom.

  5. I love a Konyu women like Reiko-chan

  6. I know, my japanese husband loves my curves, he's not into those string bean skinnies.

  7. String bean skinnies. Nice. That's the first time I've heard this phrase.

  8. Finally someone with an eye for beauty. And common sense.

    I concur and am fortunate enough to be living in a rural city where no one else seems to agree.

    More thickness for me.

    This blog is immediately getting subscribed to.

  9. Hi RJ,

    Thanks for commenting. I hope the media catches on and stop glorifying anorexic women.

  10. What a figure! The right proportions, nice curves, not too skinny, not too fat, short: A very sexy woman, indeed!


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