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August: The Return of Souls

August is peak summer season in Japan.  We can look forward to some of the most spectacular fireworks displays and festivals in the world, ...

kagahoushiyou 日榮 加賀宝生 大吟醸

kagahoushiyou 日榮 加賀宝生 大吟醸 Originally uploaded by Tony Alexander


This sake hails from Ishikawa Prefecture in Kanazawa Japan. It came highly recommended by a few locals I was drinking with at a sake tasting event a few months ago. Clean and refreshing is are good words for this. If you cut-n-past the kanji and google it, you'll find that purchasing this sake is very easy as many distributor sell it. They'll deliver it straight to your door, hand you an invoice and then you can pay at any convenience store in your area.

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