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Kaiten Donburi in Tsukiji at 虎杖 南店 (いたどり)Itadori

I often tell people that the best thing about visiting Tsukiji are the donburi shops. Often times, though, many people spend time eating kaiten sushi(revolving sushi) instead. Of course it's good, but think about where you are at? In every corner of Japan you can find a good kaiten sushi shop - anywhere. But when it comes to fresh kaiten donburi - seafood bowl with maguro, sea urchin, salmon eggs, and rice - then Tsukiji Market is simply the best! You can't just go anywhere in Japan and find a good kaiten donburi. It simply isn't just going to happen! Anywhere in Tsukiji, and at any donburi shop in Tsukuji, you can find one of these bowls which range in price from anywhere from 1000 yen to 3000 yen. No kaiten sushi bowl is ever complete without a nice ice cold glass of nihonshu, even at 10am in the morning just before work. The nihonshu I was drinking is called "retsu," which is a junmai type that had a little carbonation in it. This was a very nice experience for me, even though I was by myself.


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