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Ryusendo Takamiya Outdoor Bath

ryusendo takamiya onsen The water temperature was perfect. Most times the water either comes out too hot or lukewarm. This onsen at Ryusendo gets top marks in this area. What I consider perfect temperature is about 42 degrees centigrade, which for some people may be too hot. I beg to differ, in fact it's the ideal temperature even for many Japanese. Hot water helps reduce germs and other bacteria in the water, so the hotter the better. The milky color water in the water comes from yunohana and alot of heavy mineral deposits from the earth - all natural. Of course, everything in moderation is key. If you stay too long it can be unhealthy for you because of sulfur gas. But not enough would have zero health benefits. I like to sit for five minutes at a time and I like to not only soak in the water but the surrounding atmosphere. I love snowy onsen and sulfure and the smell of winter green pine trees and hinoki all mixed in together. What a beautiful day.

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