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Ryusendo Takamiya

ryusendo takamiya, originally uploaded by Tony Alexander.

Rusento Takamiya is very nice. The onsen and the room get full marks. Dinner I rate a C plus! They could've done better. The food had no balance and was too simple. The obasaan kept coming up to our table asking if the food was “oishii” again and again, which really isn't good customer service, actually. The food is good if all of it is eaten. Of all the hotels I've been to this was a first where someone kept asking if the food was good. The staff were mostly from China and Korea, so in this case they were only doing what they were told when dealing mainly with Japanese customers. Hanamaki Onsen in Iwate prefecture is the most famous when it comes to legendary customer service! So if ever you needed a guage to measure good customer service then Hanamaki Onsen would be it, in my opinion. I speak mainly from first hand experience and not from hearsey. At any rate, what I want to highlight are the new annex rooms. They were awesome. Full size beds; loft; huge windows. In the picture you can see humongous ice sicles hanging near our window. Very spacious feel. Fantastic view of the slopes. The room ran me 150000 yen per night per person.

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