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Yonezawa Beef Sashimi

Yonezawa Beef Sashimi, originally uploaded by Tony Alexander.
Eating raw beef was unthinkable for me before I came to Japan, but like I learned years ago from a friend,  taste is acquired. You have to acquire a taste for new and exotic things, but raw beef?

 I remember when I first tried sushi, I gagged and had to run to the bathroom. A few years later, after that embarrassing incident , I tried sushi again, and again and again. I finally grew to love sushi and even crave it!   I even remember the first time I tried beer.   I had the same gag response. I must've threw up for what seemed  hours just trying to gurgle down one bottle of Corona.   I absolutely couldn't stand the taste of beer, or any alcohol for that matter.   But after a few more tries and I was drinking beer like a fish, so I really believe that one has to acquire a taste on his/her own. It took me forever, but am I glad I never gave up. I never thought I'd be blogging about such food years later.

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