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Yonezawa Beef Shabu Shabu

Yonezawa Beef Shabu Shabu, originally uploaded by Tony Alexander.

Another fantastic serving of beef was the shabu shabu, which is thinly sliced portions of beef that's lightly boiled then eaten. Usually it's dipped in sauce depending on what flavor you prefer. I love sesame or "goma" because it's creamy and goes well with this type of beef. Firstly, I've eaten shabu shabu before, and at just about every restaurant chain that offers it. I have never found anything as delicious as this restaurant's shabu shabu, which is called "gudo" or good in English, which is located in Yonezawa city. They serve premium Yonezawa beef which is from female virgin cow. There is clearly a difference in taste. Really! Never let any so called expert tell you any differently. This beef is the best of the best in terms of taste. The maitre d' even served us our first samples. The beef was dipped and moved around in boiling water for about 2 or 3 seconds, then dipped into a sauce like you see in this photo. The meat is still pink actually. Eat it immediately and the taste is unforgettable. What a country.


  1. That's quite a recommendation! Is this the place?


    If so, I'll have to give it a try sometime!


  2. Thanks for the comment Rob. Yes, that's the link and the exact restaurant. Good work. I had the link somewhere. It's worth a try. The staff are very friendly plus they explain everything to you in detail - in Japanese of course.

    Other then that, I highly recommend this place.



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