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Cherry Flavored Sake!



A poster commented on Yamagata Sakuranbo, which is a premium cherry grown in Yamagata during the summer months. 

I love cherries, but in sake….well….let your imagination run wild on this one, or you can live vicariously through me and take my word for it.   I wouldn’t recommend it, but hey, you gotta try everything at least once.  It’s everything you’d expect and less, not more, especially when you stick a premium cherry in a cup full of cheap sake.   Just something about alcohol and fruit being mixed together that doesn’t always jive well with me.  Only the French can pair these kinds of things and make them turn out just right.  Sake for me is either enjoyed straight or with light Japanese fair.   I would go as far as to even pair ice cream with aged sake.  I actually have. 


  1. Tried this on a snowboard trip to Zao Onsen last year. Wasn't impressed at all; the sake tasted watered down and the cherry flavour was pretty flaccid as well.

    BTW, do you have any of your publications in digital form?

  2. Hey SQ,

    Yeah, I concur. Not very tasty at all. I haven't digitized any of my publications. This summer I will be marketing them as coffee table books instead of bookstore books.



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