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Sweet Mama

Yuki Akanishi, perhaps one of the most talented adult movie actresses in Japan adult entertainment.  She’s 40 and she’s hot and she takes her job seriously.  She loves bringing grown men down to their knees with her motherly charms and then turning them into babies - jumbo babies!  

She came highly recommended by a friend, former black bus driver, I met off mixi last summer who turned me on to her.  He and I had followed the jukujo scene for years before we met, so we had a lot in common from the start.  The first time I saw this video I was hooked.  But before that the last time I had seen an adult video was about 11 years ago when I was living in Redondo Beach, California, when I was heavily involved with several highly seasoned Japanese women of this classification.

Subsequently, though, these activities lead to my divorce of my first wife back in 98’  Ironically enough though, my ex. was in this same age range also, but lacked the mental and physical maturity that comes along naturally at this age .  I guess it could be said that I lacked in maturity also, but given the circumstances I didn’t mind being immature and childish especially when I was enjoying the benefits of being 5 years old again, and with no strings attached.

So, without further ado, Yuki Akanishi ゆき赤西
Japan can be saved by these women!


  1. I'm not the porn buff but I am a regular viewer that enjoys them! So in saying that I have never heard of her doesn't mean much. But judging from the cover, she is a hottie and I will have to have a look.

    Hey! Being the little kid again! Aren't all us guys the same? Always? Maybe it is just me.

  2. Hi Dave! Thanks for the comment. Most people aren't into this genre yet. It's starting to catch on though as most porn nowadays lack story line and good plots. These types of porn are very nice because they have better story line and are more natural looking. I think men, including me, never really grow up. Growing means more responsibilities and less sex to me.

  3. I was talking about your blog to my husband and he thinks it is hilarious that you like jukujo....

    I mean obviously these women are good looking and mature, and you go girls, for sure, but you're not attracted to younger women at all?

    Do you go after older Japanese women, and how do they respond?

  4. Hi Kelly,

    I am still attracted to younger women. 90% of my clients at work are between the ages of 19 and 27, so I'm surrounded by petite,spry and vivacious young women on a daily basis. And I still feel passion for them, but I become so overwhelmed with desire when I see a fully grown and secure Japanese woman; what I mean by secure is one who is secure in her own identity as a Japanese..i.e. She not chasing some pie in the sky that someday by learning English life for her will make more sense or some other ridiculous notions. Older Japanese have gotten over that phase and are wholly adjusted as Japanese women in society. I'll explain more about this in another post a bit later.

    Your other question: Older women are much harder to get than younger ones Japan because the risk of public scrutiny is greater. I have a bunch of stories about that too. I get lots of different responses, some positive some negative. I can explain that in another post to.

  5. It's interesting, i must say. But i'm getting sick of seeing western guys going after these young Japanese girls thinking they're the answers to their prayers, and good on you for thinking about older women like that. I agree with you, they have it together more, and even I can respect them more as women for that. :)

    I'm looking forward to reading more about your experiences in the future. :)

  6. I'm still confused whether youre just into older women, or baby play... which is it?

  7. Hi Jamie, and thanks.

    Relationships with older women eventually turn into mother play naturally, especially if older women already have children of their own.

    However, if she's, say, in her late 40s and she doesn't have any children then of course mother play is out of the question most times.

    I do enjoy baby play, but I also enjoy having a mature conversation with an older woman, too. A sort of a teasing 'forbidden mama&son" kind of sex play is very exciting sometimes. The irony is is that most women abhor these roles, which only means that they lack the ability to nurture, and are at times very self centered individuals in my opinion.

  8. I certainly understand your appreciation for jukujo. To borrow culinary terms it's a more full bodied, balanced palate. When I was of a lesser age I think I experienced similar disappointments with immature younger women. Wow, I never expected to find a Japan blog like this. It makes all the others that I follow seem somewhat mundane. Definitely an interesting read!

  9. Thank you Peter. Glad you stopped by. I want to share my passion for full bodied and ripe Japanese Jukujo, sake, food, and onsen to the world because I feel that the majority of people are missing something very essential about this country. There is some sort of strange and passionate connection between the elements I blog about and these women. They embody everything that's beautiful and wonderful about Japan.


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