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Her Name is Called Kanazawa

Every year, Kanazawa, in Ishikawa prefecture releases a sake called “Kanazawa.”  The city’s name sake.  But why post about?  Simple.  It’s a jizake, local sake,地酒, and it’s rare because it’s only sold locally, not nationally.   And they sell out quickly. 

It’s a fantastic thing when you live in Japan because you have access to so many local sake and you never have to look far and wide for good ones either.    Living in North Americans have very little to no access to rare jizake at all, as most are never exported that far.   Typically, what one can expect are the big name brands like Masumi or Kubota….
I had to come back the next day in order to get a bottle of this Kanazawa.  A good flavor characteristic for this sake is its very delicate fruit nose, which never fades.  Like most sake you leave exposed to air, the flavors change.   Not the case in this one.  Even after leaving it stashed away in my suitcase for 2 months! 
Gold chips are what you are looking at in a sake cup.   Very nice touch for this nihonshu, and probably why it’s so popular.  Of course the gold chips are only for visual appeal, unique flavor characteristics are not rendered.


  1. Not a sake drinker, but Kanazawa is a very special city to me (Used to live there) and I'd be willing to try anything from there.

  2. Thanks for the comment Billy! Just about everything tastes great in Kanazawa. I am curious to ask why is it such a special city for you?

  3. Hi Dian,

    Surprisingly dry,with a clean finish. Imagine drinking a white wine, only without the grape taste, but more like something fragrant water that runs down your throat leaving hints of spring.



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