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Rokumeiken of Tsukijii


One of my favorite little eats around Tsukijii is a little place called Rokumeikan, which is famed for serving just about anything fried and with rice.  Everything fried! 


This baloney( three slices) and lightly fried eggs( 3 large to be exact) covered in mayo and shoyu(soy sauce) and a huge mound of rice is a local favorite at this place.  I know what you are thinking…..But, even still this looked really good.  The guy who ate this made it look so delicious.  He ceremoniously rolled up his sleeves, cracked his knuckles and began carefully dissecting and moving everything around on the plate.  He poured a liberal amount of Kewpies mayo all over the meat and rice, and then he added a nice serving of shoyu, and as a final touch he burst the egg yokes so that they would run all over the baloney and rice.  I was watching all of this while eating this:


Which wasn’t that bad, actually.  As a matter of fact it was quite good, so I couldn’t complain.  Ebi Fry!  and shredded cabbage and a serving of rice.  But I will be back for this egg yoke delight.

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