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Warming The Feet

One of the nicest pleasures one can enjoy in winter is a foot bath, especially one with a nice vista where you  can see  mountains and snow.  Despite Spring gales blowing across the mainland, winter still leaves its delicate touch. 
For me, I can sit in one of these for hours.
And with the cold air all around I have no interest in Spring.  Japan can be saved by sitting in this kind of water.


  1. I cannot imagine not going to an onsen after a day of snowboarding. I've tried a feet onsen once; it was at the bottom of the mountain I traversed and it was a bliss!

  2. I hear ya' I love soaking my feet in one of these.

  3. wow. interesting. i have never heard of this before. would try if i go to japan at the winter season!

  4. Thx, renaye. These are great.



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