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Yabaton’s of Ginza!

I need to give you the direction to this place now, otherwise I’ll forget!  On the Hibya line get off at Higashi-Ginza and take the first exit after exiting the gate off to your right – exite(1).


This is actually a Nagoya specialty, which has been gaining fame for a number of years now for its  mildly sweet red miso on pork cutlet.   If you like premium pork with strong miso flavor then I recommend this. 

I was first introduced to this chain shop a few years ago by a Nagoyan who swore up and down this was one of the best eats in Nagoya, and now with several chains located  in Japan, and now in the Ginza, I believe him.  Great stuff! 


Especially over a heap of hot white rice with red miso pork oozing over the rice was fantastic. 


Before that though, I ordered black tiger shrimp which are about 12 inches long each, and are cut in halves – don’t let the picture food you, these things are huge! 

Everything cost me around 3600 yen, plus I downed a whole pitcher of ice cold green tea – blood pressure is already too high. 


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