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Bikkuri Sushi & Sake

Located in The Diamond just outside of the Yokohama Station west exit is a very old and well-known local favorite called Bikkuri sushi.bikkuri sushi2
If you walk through The Diamond, an underground mall, you’ll see a Pompadours, which is a bakery located on a its own corner.  Turn right and you’ll see this sushi shop right next to another sushi shop called Kibun Sushi, which is also very famous.  
bikkuri sushi1
Here, you can order 12 pieces of sushi for 1000 yen during lunch hours, which is from 11 to 3pm during weekdays.  
The reason for blogging this was because a salary man swore up and down that this was the spot for very reasonably priced sushi.   And for me, he thought, it would also be a good place to see lots of eye candy, which for me translates to Jukujo.  Boy!  Was he right on the money with this place. 
Though the place was small and difficult to squeeze into I managed.  I found a nice little spot to sit and eat in peace.   The freshly cut sushi was great as it was still room temperature and full of flavor. 
bikkuri sushi3
And of course how could I forget to sample some delicious local jizake with my sushi.  How about something called Fukumasamune made from Yamada-nishiki rice.  A pure  and delicious daigenjyo ladies and gentleman.  Flavor characteristics: dry, with very little acidic taste.  Well balanced taste…i.e. flavors retain the same fullness of floral and fruit.  Very easy for women or first timers to drink.  Not harsh at all.  Slightly bitter after-taste

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  1. That sushi looks good. I miss the sushi I had when I was in Japan.



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