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May Flowers: flowers of the nation’s youth

May  flowers.  Here we have the ubiquitous cherry blossom flower, which has always been synonymous with spring in Japan.  Every year from March until early May these flower bloom in their full splendor.  The four seasons(five?), are a sight to behold.  Here in this part of the world people really celebrate the changing of the seasons.  In spring, you can eat just about any kind of food dish with a cherry blossom theme; cherry blossom ice cream, sake, beer, wine.  This photo was taken in the late evening.

Another one of my favorites in May is the so called, listen to this one,Mealy Blue Sage(below): Salvia farinacea Benth.

Next up, we have the Stagger Bush, which is always nice to look at, especially early in the morning when there’re dew drops on them. This flower looks almost exactly like another flower called the “Lilies of the Valley” only difference is that the stems on this one are longer.(below) Lyonia mariana.

Another gem of a flower is called the Eastern Red Bud(below): Cercis canadensis L.

This flower isn’t native to Japan, but to Canada which sometimes can vary in appearance just slightly.  I could probably most more May flower, but these ones are my favorite. 
Another link to some fantastic May flower.

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