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Nikko Part 2

We were awakened by a beautiful brilliant sun this morning, whose rays felt to me as if they had busted through our windows!   I was literally slapped out of my slumber – slapped and kissed all at the same time.

Crawling out of my futon with my eyes closed and feeling my way over to the window, I opened the sliding veranda door in order to allow the fresh morning air in.  What a nice smell; what a nice breeze, and a fantastic view I saw with one painfully squinted eye.


Breakfast was nice.  Just the standard traditional Japanese fair; rice, miso, fish, and natto.  Though I love this kind of breakfast, nothing can touch a Denny’s Grand Slam.  After breakfast we headed back to our room, got changed, then headed down for the morning bath.  Since we were staying for another night we didn’t need to check-out.  The outdoor bath was empty and the sun outside was radiantly beautiful.   I soaked for about 20 minutes, got out, and dried and headed back to my room. 

The plan for this afternoon was Toshogu, a world heritage site, which is famous for a lot of things, but namely for  being the final resting ground for the last shogunate in Japan, Tokugawa Ieyasu(1543-1616).

A lot can be blogged about on just  Toshogu alone, but won’t on this blog as there is plenty of information out there on this world heritage.  

After spending four hours at Toshogu my feet were killing me.  I never washed my hands so many times at a temple shrine before.  I guess I needed to be purified.  But I love living in the womb of my desire, there is just nothing like it in the world.  I saw so many tasty looking mommies up there.

Heading back to the hotel we got changed for dinner.  I wear the 特大 size as it’s the largest yukata they have.  Dinner tonight was even better than last nights.  The works were served up. 

IMG_3559 IMG_3549


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