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Seikai and Oze

The name of this sake is called Seikai no Tokubetsu Honjozo Nama!  I paid 1500 yen for a 500 ml bottle of this gem of  a sake.  This was the finest sake I had all year so far.  Bitter and floral!  I don’t recollect ever having a sake like this one.  It came highly recommended by the hotel’s head chef and I loved it.  Acidity was very low, extremely smooth, floral, but not sweet, lightly bitter after-taste and left a pleasant after taste in the mouth.  I will order this one again, but from online.
Every chance I get when visiting a new onsen I try to drink the local water also.  This one, like a mentioned in another post is Oze no oishi no mizu, which is named after a very famous marsh land in Japan. 
I love water. 
continue down to Nikko on the next post.

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