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Very Goodman’s Steak

This is a nice little cozy eat in Yokohama.  Yes, the name is “Very Goodman’s Steak.”  Just take the West exit at Yokohama Station.  Head down through The Daimond – and underground shopping plaza – to Yodobashi Camera.  Take the escalator down to B2 and look for this restaurant.


The reason for posting this is because i think many foreigners take the American fast food option, far too often.  The prices here are very reasonable, great steaks and choices.  Look here:


Nice medium rare; tender and juicy, Aussie beef.  Not my number choice in prime cuts, but will do the trick especially if you’re busy.  This is called the mixed platter: sirlion steak, beef, and chicken.  


  1. What's all the red stuff on the steak?

  2. Tomato sauce, the puree version

  3. There are soooo many restaurants serving hot food that it seems pointless to grab a burger and fries at some American fast food chain and the prices are often not that different. A bowl of ramen in a noodle shop would be preferable in my opinion. Yummy!

  4. I like beef so much I'm cooking 3 prime ribs for my next BBQ and 3 Whole "Lau Lau" Chickens (another person will cook those underground).
    But I'd still hit Burger King or Carl's jr for a sloppy cheezeburger any day I can.

    Nice pic BTW



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