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What Japan!?

At least not any more. 
Blind allegiance and suicidal glory are outdated modes of thinking according to the consensus.  It’s  simply not kosher to die for what one believes in.  It’s just not intellectual.    Instead, what most Japanese and Westerners find entertaining and  stimulating are what I find to be sad and completely absurd.
shingo katori
Take Shingo Katori for example, a man who likes to dress up in little pink dresses.  He does this in order to be funny and entertaining to millions of television viewers all over Japan.  At  a time when the conduct of Japanese men are in question, as well as women, I wonder whether the media should do more to make a difference in society  by completely changing what they consider to be entertaining.  
I can’t imagine someone sitting in front of a television screen and vegetating over a man who acts like a woman more naturally than his own self…e.i. he is funnier as a woman than as a man.  Let’s not confuse this with classical theater like Kabuki – they are real human beings and national treasures.
I snapped this photo on the streets a few years ago of a beautiful Jukujo wearing this shirt, sorry I failed to get a face shot.  I was just so surprised to see a Japanese woman wearing this shirt!  Now why couldn’t she be on television?  A strong, proud, and beautiful daughter of Yamato?
Maybe there is hope.  Maybe it only takes the sacrifice of a few people to make a difference for many.  Maybe Japan can be saved.  
Japan can be saved by these women!

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