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The Cup

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Perhaps for some people the sake cup means everything. Some people like em' small and cute while others, like myself like them large. I want to be able to fit my nose into the cup when I tip up. Just to get an idea of what I mean, head over to the kitchen and grab a sake cup - the small one - put it up to your mouth. Now, if your nose is outside of the cup then it's too small. The cup in this picture easily accommodates my mouth and nose because it's larger. A lot of brewers drink from this type of cup because it allows the drinker to sniff and drink at the same time whereas the smaller ones are more for aesthetic or visual appeal. I am a drinker. And I want to experience the whole sake when I drink. Unfortunately, I can't remember where I purchased this one, but I'm sure if you head over to a sake shop you can find one.


  1. What's your take on drinking out of those wooden boxes?

  2. The wooden ochoko are really nice, but only if they were recently made. Newer wooden sake cups(ochoko) give off a nice pine smell, which in my opinion complement the aroma of the sake you are drinking.

    Wood also provides a natural association with the sake you are drinking because wood is used for just about everything in Japan. For example: Spiritual edifices, eating utensils, medicine, and so on.

    With ceramics you loose this connection with the cup, which only provides visual appeal. Tokyoites are notorious for doing this.

    Two of the best cups you can drink from are those made from freshly cut bamboo or pine! Trust me. If it's not freshly cut then just drink from ceramic.



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