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Kagatsuru Brand Umeshu Plum Liquor

umeshu kanazawa
On a previous a post, I introduced a very traditional umeshu made using old Edo style techniques.  What’s interesting about that particular sake is that it tasted very light whereas this one in the picture is very sour and sweet.   Can you believe that back in Edo period Japanese used to use this stuff for toothpaste? Fact.
The reason for posting this label is because it came from one of my favorite prefectures, Ishikawa, which is famed for producing some of if not the best sake in Japan.  Another reason for posting this is because it’s homegrown right in Japan and when you drink it there’s still pulp left over in the cup.  
The brewer who makes this is called Yachiya.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing different Umeshu labels. I was very surprised to find out that there are more than 300 private Umeshu labels in Japan.

    I got very excited and now try to explore them one by one and created a dedicated portal to share this with others.

    You can join and share your preferred Umeshu there too.



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