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Onsen of Nikko

onsen nikko(watermark)

Finally had some time to dig through some of my favorite onsen, so I posted this one.  No, I didn’t write the name.  I am not an onsen advert service.  Names and things pertaining to location and what not I write about in my book, and soon to be second edition.

The feature about this onsen I wanted to explain is the cypress wood and stone bottom.  What a lot of people aren’t aware of is that cypress is extremely slipper when wet, so I was really happy to see green carpet around the sides – excellent safety measure. 

After soaking for a few minutes it’s good to get up and walk around a bit in order to cool down.  This veranda was huge, which offered a small piece of beautiful nature, like this tree.  It’s good to appreciate the little things.


The simple pleasure of a simple tree from a simple minded Japan(ist).  Wood, earth, water, sky.  A lovely balance.


  1. "Wood, earth, water, sky. A lovely balance." - and also a bit of privacy, so the people in the rabbit hutches next door can't see in...

  2. Hey Peter!

    Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, from the mens side, the rabbit hutches offer no privacy at all. Womens side is more private.

  3. I've read a number of your posts on onsen and am fascinated by the concept of public baths. I have to admit that the concept makes me very uncomfortable. That's not to say I wouldn't do it - I just would do it with fear and trepidation.

  4. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for posting. Bathing in the nude around total strangers takes a bit of getting used to because Western society has taught us to hide our natural bodys. What I try to imagine is that onsen are natural, nudity is also natural, and so is nature. Your fear is cultural based.



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