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Osaka Street Scenes

Just outside my hotel last night in Shinsaibashi I saw some low riders blasting their speakers West coast style.  This was all taking place at around 3am!  I couldn’t complain though, the music was good and the system they were using was also very good.

osaka 067

It’s amazing how well the emulate the L.A.  subculture.   

osaka 069

Some of the cars on show were old favorites, like the Impala and the Cadillac.  And I love Cadillacs

osaka 075

One point I want to make is that, most low rider crews in Kanagawa where I live are not popular with the ladies    Most young  girls from that part of Japan, and even in Tokyo would never be caught riding around in these types of cars.   Not the case in Osaka, though.   I was so surprised to see so many incredibly beautiful women riding around with their boyfriends in these gangster type cars.   I actually felt good about that.  Out where I’m living there are so many single Japanese male and females it’s a shame.   Just last week I saw three grown as men riding on one bicycle together, and on a weekend when they should’ve been out with girls.


The dating scene in Osaka is alive and well, and I was so surprised to see so many young Japanese couples.   The energy was so open and carefree.  I could really feel the soul of Japan out there.  Young people drink nihonshu and really enjoy their life in Japan – home.  Very different from Yokohama.

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