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Sexy Shyu 酒( Dreamy Moon Sake)

I believe there’s a sexy Jukujo in every bottle of nihonshu. I mean, you have fragrance, impact, earthiness, and body for starters, and then you have the quality of taste and texture. If there were no Jukujo then sake wouldn’t even exist. There would simply be no meaning. Not even Japan would exist, at least not the way we understand how it exist today.

Today there’re only fragments of Japan left over from a time long gone as displayed from that old busted up clock somewhere on somebody’s dusty chest of drawers. Tired long hand, resting on half past eternity of a dead and forgotten moment in time.

Hope was restored today, though. Her name was Yumetsukiyo or Dreamy Moon a refined sake from Ehime Prefecture, home of Dogo Onsen, cultured pearls and tangerines. She’s a junmai-ginjyo( full rice), and very gentle, yet straightforward. Impact or (Kuchi-atan) is soft with a clean finish. She’s a sweet sake, medium dry, very low acidity. She also has an unassuming presence in the mouth. Not too earthy, just sublte. There is a stubborn sweetness that stays in the mouth, which I like. She’s gorgeous.
In the end you are left with a greater appreciation for sake.
The actress on the video cover is Iwasaki Chitzuru, a famous AV model who has starred in about 4 or 5 really good adult movies where she plays a mother who has an incestuous relationship with her son. She is one of my favorites actresses. I couldn’t think of a better woman to pair with this delicious sake; refined and sweet.
岩崎千鶴 (いわさきちづる).


  1. These sexy pictures on bottles are very interesting can be a great idea for some other products in the US. i.e what about a sexy lady photo on a bottle of expensive Whisky? :)

  2. Thank you Sarah. I love pairing sake with women.

  3. Do you know how i can meet this lady? I wish i could have an amazing sex with her!



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