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Stamina Curry: バーグ

Last night a customer recommended a nice curry shop called Bagu(バーグ), which sells something called stamina curry.   Now there isn’t a lot of information out there that clearly defines where the stamina comes from.  My customer told me it comes from the garlic they add to the sauce that gives this curry its stamina claim.  So, I had to answer the call to duty and visit this place today.

From the Yokohama city subway line take Exit #6 at Isezaki-chojamachi station. 

You’ll immediately see a dentist off to your right as soon as you exit.  Keep walking straight down this street.

You’ll know you are headed in the right direction because you’ll be walking along  Yayoicho street, to which the street sign should always be on your left-hand side.

Last landmark is the red “P” sign you see off to your right.  Keep walking.

Here it is, on your right hand side walking from the station.  Total time from station to shop is 5 minutes on foot. 
If you decide to take the bus from Yokohama station boa…

Gyoza Stadium: Osaka

I love gyoza. I love em’ in all shapes and sizes, too. But, I really love them just the way they are, plain…. And I wouldn’t be caught dead singing that tender love song by Billy Joel called“ I love you just the way you are” in public. I have been accused of talking and singing to myself in that way once before. Like when I was holding that gyoza in my chopsticks, up to the light, and then uttering those lyrics. The way I see it is that because gyoza is so popular, there should be a theme song for it. (“I often tell “gfs” this. When it comes to make-up, less is best. The way you look every morning is the face I will see more of, not the made-up face. I want to appreciate your natural look just the way you are”).Simple and natural.Sometimes a little make-up is good - mayo. By the way, the meat used in this gyoza is cow tongue. Makes you wonder whether we can taste each other…The gyoza stadium wasn’t hard to find at all as it’s located on a busy main street that I will list…

Kizakura Lunch

Enjoying a nice lunch that was half off the original price.  I think I paid only 300 yen for the sushi, and the sake was complimentary from a sake buddy.The sake is called Karakuchiitsukon. Very dry and fruity, which works very well with sushiAnd all over a very nicely written guide authored by Micheal Plastow on Exploring Kanto, weekend pilgrimage Tokyo.  I think I’ve already got my weekend figured out.

Yume Akari Asabiraki: June Sake Swap

First and foremost I would like to thank my June Sakeswap partner R. Staehlin at Lostininaka for sending me this fantastic sake from Iwate prefecture called Yume Akari ( Dream & Light) by Asabiraki, which uses 100% Hito-Me-Bore from Iwate. Boy, I couldn't of asked for a better sake swap partner. May the good Samaritans wash his feet!This Junmai- Daigenjyo is minus one sake level; amino acid 1.0 and acid level 1.3. This sake is smooth & fragrant; mild with a clean finish. The Toji's name who created this is Mr Masahiko Fujio, nambu Toji. Recommended food for this would be Shyabu Shyabu, sea scallops sautéed in butter, and tebasaki. Halleluya! Amen praise lord.Lesson time: According to the Toji (brew master) the name was inspired by the night lantern festivals of Asahikawa, in Hokkaido, but the spiritual essence of this sake is found in the people of Iwate, and the harmony of rice and water in the brewing techniques of the Toji who created this sake. The bre…

Nara: The Ancient Capital

My trip to Nara began on this green train called the Osaka Loop.

And this is where the real journey started for me because from Shin-Osaka to Osaka is a mad house.

Several trains travel to and from Nara.

After arriving at Nara Station, about an hour from Osaka, I was met by a lovely Jukujo of Kyushu extraction. She has been working as a tour guide for Nara for over one score, so I was very happy that both our paths intersected serendipitously. What luck! So for the better half of the afternoon, she had shown me around to some famous landmarks, the first being Kofukuji Temple, which by the way is one of the four great temples of Nara and was originally built in Kyoto. Years later it was moved here (below)
Kofukuji Temple

Pointing up to some ancient script upon this wooden community sign board with her index finger, noticing the lines in her neck and around her mouth contract as she was trying to utter difficult to pronounce words, an edict was written on what was expected of the commun…